Product Design at A-level is a challenging subject which will stretch students to think creatively and refine their practical skills. The course ask pupils to create innovative solutions to design problems, covering skills such as 3D Modelling, CAD/ CAM, drawing, in depth research and using work shop tools to a high level. Product Design is spilt into four Units, two of which are to produce a design-and-make portfolio and the other two written exams. Students will develop knowledge of materials and their properties and understand how they can be used when manufacturing products. This subject is an excellent choice for students wishing to go into industry or onto university as it is versatile covering a verity of different topics.


  • Lunchtime Design Technology Club for KS3 girls with small design and make projects with the aim to fuel an interest in STEM and DT for girls opting in Year 8.
  • Design and Make it Club KS3 3.30-4.30pm on Wednesday’s.
  • Cooking Club KS3 3.30-4.30pm on Thursday’s.
  • STEM activities and projects for KS4 which build on the skills learnt in Technical Awards and Vocational subjects.

How to support your child in KS3?

At KS3 it is essential that students complete all Homework tasks set on Show My Homework on time to prepare for the learning of the next lesson. Additionally parents need to be supportive with the providing of materials  if needed. It is encouraged that parents support their children by allowing them to practice practical skills gained at home to build their confidence in the subject.

How to support your child in KS4 & 5?

The design technology department provide the students with clear deadlines as it is a coursework based subject. If you feel your child is struggling to meet a deadline on time please contact your child’s classroom teacher or Head of Department so as a department we can put necessary interventions in place to support your child. All deadlines should be met before or on the given date. Details of coursework deadlines are on Show My Homework. Revision materials for exams are distributed by the teacher. It may be required that you provide your child with materials to succeed in KS4 and 5. There is funding for pupil premium students available on request.

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