Posted: 20 December 2019

Autumn Term Student Awards 2019

Congratulations to all our students on their end of term awards:

North House

Head of House Student of the Term

Leona Twyford                      217 positive points, no negative. Amazing positive attitude towards everything, good attendance. Always smiling and trying her best

Form Tutor Awards:

Charlie Page-Smith                Continued excellence in his studies and attendance.

Hassan Raza                           Always punctual and supportive to all.

Gabriele Andre                       Consistent hard work and effort. Always willing to be a good friend.

Kelsey Moriarty                     All round lovely girl, very dedicated and encouraging to others. A great role model.

Cara Eighteen                         An exemplary Tutee. Punctual, polite and helpful. She is focussed and reflective of her goals and future.

Beatrice Ionita                       Most positive points in group and always respectful.

Husna Nazir                           Husna has displayed a wonderful attitude in class. She is responsible and considerate at all times. A strong role model for her peers

Jaleel Juma                             Very respectful, calm in and out of lessons. A great positive leader.

Muhammad Kazim                Great attendance, attitude and a really lovely young man.

Hannan Khalid                       All round excellent student, polite, exceptional attitude and attendance. Always helpful in the class and brilliantly behaved, even tries to get others to behave better.

Phoebe Williams                   Very polite, obedient, helpful and great reader. A role model for her peers.

Ruby Barnard                         Very positive learner. She is kind and conscientious. Always willing to help others in class and around school. Achieving academically and socially.


East House

Head of House Student of the Term

Tierney Smithurst                  Tierney is a great asset to East House, she is hardworking, polite and cheerful and always does her very best!

Form Tutor Awards

Qasim Hussain                      Excellent attendance, punctuality and for being a good role model.

Olivia Parmenter                   Polite and extremely proactive in all activities during tutor time and for her role with School Services when supporting a year 9 tutor group.

Ella Stokes                              Great attitude to tutor time, always focused and mature about the topics, with valid and thoughtful contributions

Leah Furnivall                        Always positive attitude towards learning. Mature and proper behaviour. She always takes part and contributes to class discussions.

Abbie Curtis                           Excellent attendance, punctuality, uniform, being polite and working hard in PSHE.

Corey Humphrey                   Positive attitude towards tutor time and school generally. Respectful and polite

Cullen Perrin                          A very polite and positive member of the tutor group who always gets things right. He also has a high number of house points for which he deserves recognition. Well done!

Stefan Nemerenco                Great attitude, really taken on the role of student representative responsibility.

Humaira Arub                        Kind, compassionate and always tries her best.

Brianna Garraway                 100% attendance and punctuality; perfect uniform; always ready to learn.

Sarah Little                             Friendly and personable student.  Positive and an excellent role model to others.

L’Shae Perkins                        Polite, helpful, positive and kind student with an excellent attitude. An excellent role model for the tutor group.

South House

Head of House Student of the Term

Jasmine Abbott                      Outstanding start to year 7 volunteering for student leadership and excellent progress

Form Tutor Awards

Jake Clarke                             Contribution to student leadership

Husna Ahmed                        Contribution, tutor representative and very well organised.

Luana Tavares                       Polite, Friendly, excellent role model

Jiro Ratilla                               Great contribution to school community, including music and sport and a great role model

Aniqa Afzal                             Consistently following all expectations and quietly gets on with it.

Hayan Al Aatal                       Very hard-working student.

Tymoteusz Rogalski              189 house points and no behaviour points. 100% attendance. Always Ready, Responsible, shows Respect and forms great Relationships. Role model student.

Dexter Clarke                         He has shown real focus and enthusiasm to his work and a fantastic attitude towards school life in general so far this term.

Qasim Ejaz                             Respectful. Polite. Pleasure to teach

CJ Emmett                              Great contribution to tutor time

Stanley Farmer                      Lovely member of the tutor group. Excellent attendance, punctuality and always has equipment. Very helpful and good sense of humour!

Jamie Neale                            A great start to Year 7 – keep it up!


West House

Head of House Student of the Term

Maizie Townsend                  Continuing to perform extremely well in all lessons, gaining the highest number of achievement points in the house and having an incredibly determined approach to school life in general.

Form Tutor Awards

Lily Herring                            A fantastic student around the whole school, she is always willing to help with school events and also by mentoring younger pupils. Her positive attitude and commitment to her studies is always phenomenal.

Mario Shehu                          Huge improvement across all areas of school life, mature and committed to his studies. He has 97 House points and 97% attendance- excellent.

Jamil Al-Balushi                     Jamil is a perfect role model for the rest of the tutor group. He is always on time, well mannered, polite and extremely respectful.

Angel James-Roberts             Developing in to a very committed student with a very positive approach towards school and her future goals.

Sahil Anwar                            Polite, respectful and a pleasure to teach.

Eve Hoskin                             Working extremely hard in all lessons and showing determination, dedication towards all aspects of her school life.

Swathi Mangavalli                 Brilliant student who deserves recognition for all she has achieved this term. She hasn’t got any negative points and has gained 176 House points this term.

Ashlee Turner                        Lovely member of the tutor group. Excellent attendance, punctuality and always has equipment. Very helpful and good sense of humour!

Archie Downey                      A lovely student with excellent manners.

Jade Thorner                          All-round fantastic student. Jade is always friendly, polite, organised, diligent, on-task and is a perfect student. A great role-model!

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