Posted: 2 October 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 2 October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks for your continued support. The weather has not been kind to us today so my apologies to those of you who are dealing with cold and wet children tonight! We have had another very busy week and I hope you will all have the opportunity to read our latest edition of Pride in Prospect, celebrating all that we have been doing in the last couple of weeks.

 PE Kit

We continue to review our risk assessment and procedures on a daily basis. We have listened to the feedback from many of you that the wearing of PE kit all day is not conducive to good learning and we agree that the mix of school uniform and PE kits has not been helpful. Therefore, we have made some changes to our procedures and increased our cleaning to enable us to bring the changing rooms back into use. This means that as from Monday 5th October all students should be wearing full school uniform all day and bringing their PE kit in with them to change into on days that they have PE lessons. We hope that this will lighten your laundry load and also ensure that all our students are smartly and appropriately dressed throughout the day.


It is important that students arrive in school in the correct uniform every day. As the weather turns colder I am sure that students will want to wear coats; these need to be appropriate to the school environment. Hoodies will not be permitted as an alternative to a coat. We are keeping a careful eye on the temperature in classrooms as we do have to keep windows open and rooms well ventilated (Government guidance is that all rooms should be a minimum of 18oC) so there is no need for students to wear coats inside. A reminder of our core expectations:

  • The only sweatshirt that students may wear to school is the black logoed Prospect sweatshirt. All other sweatshirts and hoodies will be confiscated from students at the entrance gate.
  • Students must wear black tailored trousers or skirts of a reasonable length. Students who are wearing jean-style trousers, leggings, or unacceptably short skirts will not be able attend lessons.
  • School shoes must be plain black and flat. They must be leather or leather like (polishable). Boots, canvas shoes, toeless or backless shoes are not permitted.
  • On days that students are wearing PE kit, they are permitted to wear tracksuit or jogging bottoms; these must be plain black. They may wear a plain black sweatshirt over their PE shirts.
  • With the exception of a single stud in each earlobe, all piercings must be removed. Students may additionally wear a wristwatch.
  • Make up must be discreet; false nails must be removed and only clear nail varnish will be permitted.

Masks and lanyards

Thank you for your continued support in the wearing of these; we hope that students are now recognising that it should be the absolute norm to have a mask (and possibly a spare) with them every day. The wearing of lanyards is extremely important in enabling us to keep students in their separate bubbles; both measures are there to keep our whole school community safe.

We know that as we enter the colder weather coughs and colds are more prevalent and it is our expectation that all students are in school every day unless they really are too ill (or are absent for COVID related reasons). Very often, once students have made the effort to come in they will be fine and will benefit from the day’s learning. I would like to remind you that all teaching resources are on MS Teams to enable students to catch up with learning that they may have lost.

As a school we will do everything that we can to avoid closure for any year groups or the school as a whole and I am, as always, hugely appreciative of your support in what are often very challenging times.

Kind regards,


Mr D Littlemore


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