Posted: 20 December 2019

Headteacher’s Letter 20 December 2019

The benefit of working in a school is that we get to celebrate the end of year twice, with both the end of the academic year and the actual year.

This year, we’re also ending a decade, so it seems even more important. Personally, I am absolutely delighted to be ending the decade as the permanent Headteacher of Prospect School, and I am really excited to be leading the school on our continuous journey of improvement and development as we enter the ‘twenties’. It has, of course, been another busy term at Prospect – September seems an astonishingly long time ago! But in this term we have welcomed 228 students into Year 7, 104 back into Year 12, and a further 38 in other year groups. We have established our new House system, with all students now belonging to North, East, South and West, and our key focus on high-quality teaching and learning, positive behaviour, and high aspirations for all our students has been evident across the school in lessons and outside the classroom.

We’ve also been out and about this term – several visits to Ufton Court, Rushall Farm, Reading Football Club, Reading University, Thorpe Park, The Hexagon to name but a few. I’m absolutely clear that education at Prospect goes far beyond the classroom and whilst academic studies are extremely important, so is providing support for the development of our young people’s social, cultural and economic capital.

I am very proud of all that our students have achieved this term. I am well aware that young people face considerable challenges as they grow up, in an increasingly complicated world. Nevertheless, I hope that they will all take the opportunity for some rest and recharge over the holidays, spending time with friends, family and loved ones, and catching up with their ‘life laundry’. Our Year 11s and Year 13s will be returning to a full set of mock examinations, the final chance for some important practice before the real thing in the summer. For them especially, I hope the
holidays are an opportunity for some quality study away from the pressures of school – it is very important to strike the right balance between work and relaxation.

However you will be spending this holiday, please enjoy it with my very best wishes. The common message of ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all’ is particularly resonant at this time of year, whether this is a festive season for you or not, and on behalf of the school, warmest wishes for a very happy, prosperous and peaceful new year.

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