Posted: 25 September 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 25th September 2020

Dear Parents/carers,

We were delighted to see so many of you at our virtual academic review day yesterday afternoon. We hope you found the format useful and that your questions were answered. We very much appreciate your feedback and it is good to know how well you also feel your child(ren) have settled back into school; we are certainly enjoying having them back and ensuring that the months of learning lost are quickly made up.

You will no doubt be aware that cases of COVID are rising both nationally and within the local community. We believe that we have put in a really robust series of measures (which I appreciate at times feel a little inconvenient), but these are all aimed at keeping our students, staff and your families safe as well as keeping our school open. In the past three weeks we have given out many disposable face masks to students who have arrived to school without one or if they have broken; this is not sustainable for us as a school, nor is it at all environmentally friendly. I therefore must emphasise the importance of your child having a mask (and perhaps a spare) with them at school at all times. I would recommend a washable fabric mask. From Monday, we will not be able to give out any more masks and therefore your child will not be able to attend lessons but instead will be provided with online work in isolation from other students. I appreciate that this might seem like a drastic measure, but to ensure the safety of our whole community I do not have any other options.

Thank you very much for your support in ensuing that students are wearing correct uniform; we have noticed a significant improvement. I do understand that there can be difficulties in washing uniform (especially if students have PE two days in a row) but your support is much appreciated. A reminder of our core expectations:
• The only sweatshirt that students may wear to school is the black logoed Prospect sweatshirt. All other sweatshirts and hoodies will be confiscated from students at the entrance gate.
• Students must wear black tailored trousers or skirts of a reasonable length. Students who are wearing jean-style trousers, leggings, or unacceptably short skirts will not be able attend lessons.
• School shoes must be plain black and flat. They must be leather or leather like (polishable). Boots, canvas shoes, toeless or backless shoes are not permitted.
• On days that students are wearing PE kit, they are permitted to wear tracksuit or jogging bottoms; these must be plain black. They may wear a plain black sweatshirt over their PE shirts.
• With the exception of a single stud in each earlobe, all piercings must be removed. Students may additionally wear a wristwatch.
• Make up must be discreet; false nails must be removed and only clear nail varnish will be permitted.

We know that as we enter the colder weather coughs and colds are more prevalent and we are attaching the new Public Health England advice on how to distinguish between the usual seasonal colds and COVID-19.
It is our expectation that all students are in school every day unless they really are too ill (or are absent for COVID related reasons). Very often, once students have made the effort to come in they will be fine and will benefit from the day’s learning. Further guidance on our attendance expectations and procedures are attached and I would like to remind you that all teaching resources are on MS Teams to enable students to catch up with learning that they may have lost.

As a school we will do everything that we can to avoid closure for any year groups or the school as a whole and I am, as always, hugely appreciative of your support in what are often very challenging times.

Yours sincerely,
Mr D Littlemore

Attendance procedures September 2020

Letter from Public Health England

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