Posted: 6 November 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 6th November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to a new half term, again in very different and challenging circumstances. As we enter a second period of lockdown, I am only too aware of the difficulties that this will present for many of our students and their families within our school community.

Tutor Reading Programme

We are very excited by the launch of our tutor reading programme this half term. Every morning, students in Years 7-10 will read with their tutor from a selected canon of texts. We have deliberately chosen a range of books that will challenge students, both in terms of their literacy, as well as the content and difficulty of the text. We have seen a very positive response from students this week and many have commented on how much they are enjoying their tutor group’s book. A copy of the canon can be found on our website here.

Parent Consultation Evenings

These will be held via MS Teams as we did during the summer term; there was a very positive response to this method, which is again necessary due to the current lockdown restrictions. Our consultation evening for Years 11 and 13 is on Thursday 12th November and for Years 10 and 12 on Thursday 19th. Full details of how to sign up have been sent to you; please contact Mrs Clyne in Student Services if you need any support with his. We hope to see all our parents and students take this very important opportunity to discuss your child’s progress so far this term.


I must emphasise the message from the government and Department for Education that all students should be in school, unless they have cause to self-isolate, in which case remote learning will be provided. We have seen in recent months just how critical the role of school is in ensuring positive outcomes and a secure future for young people; we can only achieve these outcomes for our young people if they are in school every day. It is essential that you inform us if your child is unable to attend school and this will be followed up by our attendance officer and education welfare officer as necessary.


You will be aware that the Department for Education has now made it compulsory for all secondary school students to wear masks in communal areas in schools. Please ensure that your child has enough spare masks to enable them to keep their face covered when required. We recommend the use of washable fabric masks, as these are both more cost effective and more environmentally friendly. It has also been emphasised that masks must be worn by all, unless they have a disability that prevents them from doing so. If your child has previously been exempt, please check the guidance very carefully to ensure that this is still the case here.


We continue to emphasise the need for students to be in full, correct uniform every day.  We recognise that, as the weather gets colder, students will want to wear additional layers beneath their school uniform which is entirely acceptable. However, coats, hats and scarves will not be permitted to be worn in school; hats must be removed at the school entrance in the morning and not worn on site. There has been a slight change in guidance which emphasises the need for ‘good ventilation’ rather than open windows, so no classroom will be too cold.

  • The only sweatshirt that students may wear to school is the black logoed Prospect sweatshirt. All other sweatshirts and hoodies will be confiscated from students at the entrance gate.
  • Students must wear black, tailored trousers or skirts of a reasonable length. Students who are wearing jean-style trousers, leggings, or unacceptably short skirts will not be able attend lessons.
  • School shoes must be plain black and flat. They must be leather or leather like (polishable). Boots, canvas shoes, toeless or backless shoes are not permitted.
  • With the exception of a single stud in each earlobe, all piercings must be removed. Students may additionally wear a wristwatch.
  • Make up must be discreet; false nails must be removed and only clear nail varnish will be permitted.

Students who do not meet these expectations will not be permitted to attend lessons and we will expect parents to bring the correct uniform items to school to enable their child to return to lessons.

Behaviour Expectations

Every student at Prospect has the right to distraction-free learning. Students who distract the learning of others at school will be removed from the lesson and will not be allowed to return to lessons for the remainder of the day, but instead will be expected to work in a separate, supervised environment. Please ensure that your child is aware of these expectations; the vast majority of our students are getting it right all the time and I am extremely appreciative of their hard work and enthusiasm for learning.

Mobile Phones

 We are very pleased that students have embraced our new mobile phone policy and we have certainly noticed a calmer atmosphere as a result. It is extremely important that young people have opportunities to socialise and talk to each other without the distraction of a screen and we are appreciative of both the students’ and families’ support of this policy.


A reminder that we have a staff INSET Day on Friday 20th November and school will be closed to all students.

Wishing you all a very pleasant lockdown weekend,

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Littlemore


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