Posted: 7 February 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 7th February 2020

On Tuesday morning, I had one of my proudest moments so far as Headteacher, presenting badges to our first group of Student Leaders and Student Learning Consultants.
It struck me, as I handed out the badges which will identify those students who are really contributing and making a significant difference to our school, just how extraordinary the young people at Prospect can be. We invited all students to apply for the positions of Student Leaders (who will form part of our student council) and Student Learning Consultants (who will be responsible for supporting teachers and sharing information with visitors and new students in classes) and I was delighted with the response – so many of our students have shown that they are absolutely committed, not only to their own learning, but to that of their peers as well.

Later the same day, I was conducting my usual lesson visits – I try to get into as many lessons as possible across the week and I was so proud of these newly appointed students – and in several lessons I was greeted by them as soon as I arrived. They were then able to explain to me, in front of their teacher and class, exactly what they were learning. We have been working extremely hard in recent months to ensure that all students receive a daily diet of high-quality teaching and learning, and I certainly felt that all the hard work we have put in to develop and improve Prospect, ensuring that we are the very best that we can be, has definitely been paying off.

Today is ‘Time to Talk Day’  – a day focused on getting us talking to each other and supporting our own mental health. We have made sure that we have supported our staff today with cakes and conversations in the staff room, promoting the importance of talking to one another and seeking help when faced with challenges. We are also very proud of the pastoral support that we are able to provide our young people – Student Services is open every day from 8am to 4pm – and, whilst learning in lessons is usually the best place for young people to be, we recognise that, sometimes,
five minutes to talk about how they are feeling and working out a plan for support is invaluable.

Talking and listening to one another is extremely important and, as I have said before, I am always very happy to meet with parents to discuss any aspect of the school and their child’s education.

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