Posted: 2 April 2021

Headteacher’s Letter and #PrideInProspect 2 April 2021

Dear Families,

This has been the most extraordinary term and yet again an extremely successful one for all at Prospect. You can see what we have been up to in our latest edition of #PrideinProspect; particular congratulations to all those students who have received Form Tutor nominations and especially Cara Moriarty, Mohammed Khamis, Izzy Haran and Angelica Allaway, Head of House Students of the Term. Their names will be added to our honours boards in the Hall and remind us all that hard work, aspiration and commitment are the qualities that we absolutely value and reward at Prospect.

Ofsted Inspection

We were visited again by Ofsted this term and whilst the final inspection report has not yet been published, I am able to tell you that we are delighted with their recognition of the rapid and sustained progress we are making as a school. The saw the high quality of education that our students received both during lockdown and since our return and were hugely impressed by the students that they spoke to. I am looking forward to sharing the full details of the inspection with you at the start of next term so you are able to see for yourself their comments and recommendations as we move forward.

Sexual Abuse in Schools

You will no doubt be aware of the extremely worrying reports in the press this week and the subsequent news that there will be a government led investigation. We wrote to you earlier in the week to reassure you about the actions that we are taking and whilst we do not think that the reports in the news are in any way representative of our school, we are taking this extremely seriously. We will be establishing a senior level steering group to review our protocols and procedures at Prospect and we are very keen to work with families and students as well. We know that there can be a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not and that this is a particularly difficult path for young people to navigate. However, I am absolutely resolute that such behaviour has no place in Prospect and that any perpetrators will face serious sanctions. I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time over the holidays to discuss this with you children to ensure that they realise whether ‘banter’ in person, via social media or indeed more direct harassment will not be tolerated at Prospect (or indeed in wider society).

Year 11 and 13

We have written to Year 11 and 13s this week, outlining how their assessments will be completed in the next half term. We realise that this has been a very difficult year for them and that the uncertainty about the awarding of grades is very real. However, we have worked hard to ensure that our process is fair and transparent and we are working with other schools in Reading and within Kings Group Academies to ensure that we are able to moderate student’s work consistently. If you have any further queries, please contact Mrs S Mccavish (Year 11) or Mr S Alexander (Year 13).

Start of Term

A reminder that the Summer Term starts on Monday 19th April, with all students present on site by 8.25am. The entrance gates will be locked at 8.30am so it is essential that all students arrive in good time to enable a full day of learning. Whilst we appreciate that there have been some difficulties in sourcing uniform during lockdown, we do expect all issues to have been resolved by the start of term. Therefore, students who do not have the correct uniform (including shoes, trousers and their lanyard) will be sent home to change into the correct items. We appreciate your support in this matter.

 Spring Holidays

I am sure we are all looking forward to 12th April as we come further out of lockdown; I am certainly looking forward to being able to see wider friends and family. However, the risks from COVID-19 are far from over and it is important that we all continue to remember the importance of social distancing, mask wearing and scrupulous hygiene. We are awaiting further guidance from the DfE as to whether any of our routines at school will change and we will update our risk assessment as soon as we hear anything.

This holiday is also a significant time for many religious groups – Easter, Passover and the start of Ramadan all fall during this holiday. However you are choosing to celebrate, I hope you have a restful and enjoyable break.

With best wishes,

Mr D Littlemore


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