Posted: 10 October 2019

Health and Social Care Trip to Reading University

On Thursday, 10 October, we took 19 Health and Social Care students on a trip to Reading University so that they could gain an understanding of student life at Reading University, as well as learning about the different health-care careers available.

The day consisted of learning about what to do if someone was choking, and practising using the equipment provided, which entailed trying to remove a polystyrene ‘wotsit’ from the oesophagus by squeezing the pump hard enough to expel the object. They also learnt about the recovery position and CPR.

The students had a tour of the campus, which was originally part of Oxford University, and they had a lovely lunch as well.

The students also learnt about different health-care professionals and what they did – they had to bid for their services which got rather loud and expensive!

Some comments from the students:
“The knowledge I walked away with yesterday will help me in life and will help in my future job and I just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff and students that helped run the day so smoothly so we had a real experience. It was all so real as I got to hear my heartbeat for the first time and got
to experience how hard it is to be so old and put socks on and as I am a diabetic has made me want to look after them better after seeing what my eyes can be like.”

“My trip to Reading University was really fun. The trip was full of interesting things and I learnt a lot. I learnt how to do CPR, how to use an AED, the different health professions and how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre. My favourite part was how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre because it was something new and I had fun learning about it. I got shown around the university and I would really love to go there when I am older. I was taught about the life of a student in Reading University. It was an interesting experience and I learnt a lot about the Health department jobs that could be available when I’m older. I really enjoyed the trip and I hope to go again. I also really enjoyed testing the medical equipment and seeing how they work and what they do. It was overall a very enjoyable experience.”

A big thank you to Reading University HealthReach team and Mrs Gallivan (Careers) for making the contacts, which allowed the trip to take place.

Mrs M Scott Head of Health & Social Care KS4

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