Posted: 18 August 2020

Information about GCSE Results Day – Thursday 20th August

Dear students and parents/carers,

Re: Results Day Thursday 20th August 

We are looking forward to welcoming you into school for the results day on 20th August. If you are unable to attend, your results will be e-mailed to you. Please e-mail Mr Jenkins for more information.

In this post, please find information regarding controlled measures in place to ensure the safety of all students and teachers. Please ensure that you adhere to these measures, as failure to do so may mean you are unable to collect your results or receive any advice on next steps.

You will also find information regarding the results you will receive on Thursday. This is based on the latest Government communication and may change prior to Thursday. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest information as soon as it is published by the Department for Education and Ofqual. We understand that this is a worrying time for pupils, parents/carers and teachers.

In the final part of this email, we have provided information on next steps, including enrolment to our Sixth Form. More guidance will also be available on the day and all students are expected to attend an interview on Thursday to discuss their options with a member of staff.


Collecting Results in School on Results Days 

Firstly, if you, or someone in your household, has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, do not attend school to collect your results. These will be emailed to you instead.

Only students will be permitted to enter the school site on results days. Parents, carers or other family members or friends not collecting results must wait outside and at a safe distance from other people. Please do not gather at entrance gates or doors.

Students should enter the school site via the gate at Cockney Hill entrance, next to Dickory Docks nursery. They should follow the path around the gym to F block, where results will be issued.

Students must listen to and follow the instructions of all members of staff immediately and without question.

Students must not gather in large groups together and must maintain a social distance of 2 metres from each other. Students should keep moving and not linger in corridors, walkways or paths.

Whilst waiting for a Sixth form interview, or to talk to a member of staff, students should form a queue, respecting social distancing. If this queue appears to be too long, students may be asked to wait outside and return when it is quieter.

Further official guidance includes:

  • cleaning hands more often than usual and using the hand sanitizers available
  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • following Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers when planning your travel to school, and walking or cycling where possible.

In addition to this, we request that Year 11 students collect their results in a staggered approach as follows:


First letter of surname Time allocation
A-F 10am-10:20am
G-L 10:20am-10:40am
M-R 10:40am-11am
S-Z 11am-11:20am
Open slot 11:20am-12pm

Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring that these days run smoothly.


Centre Assessed Grades and Final Calculated Grades

This has been a truly unique year for the Class of 2020 and, as you will be aware from the media, there have been significant updates this week with regards to the results that students will receive on Thursday and how this will affect them. We would like to reassure you that we are here for you all, on results day and beyond, and will support you fully in your next steps.

The latest information from the Department for Education is that students will now receive both their Centre Assessed Grades and their Final Calculated Grades on Thursday. Below is an extract from the statement issued yesterday on GOV.UK. You can read the full statement here

Students awaiting their GCSE grades on Thursday will receive their centre assessment grade from their school or college, and students who received their A or AS level results last Thursday (13 August) will be reissued their centre assessment grade. If students’ calculated grades were higher than the centre assessment grade, their calculated grade will stand.

There has been some speculation this week regarding Centre Assessed Grades, with many in the media referring to them as “Teacher Assessed”. We would like to stress that these grades are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher in the school. We can reassure you that all teachers approached the task of assessing grades with the utmost diligence, and that these grades were a fair and accurate reflection of each student’s abilities and potential. The Centre Assessed Grades, submitted to the exam boards were a result of a comprehensive internal moderation and quality assurance process in the school, using a range of evidence and assessment methods, and were our best assessment of what our students would have achieved, had they taken the exams this summer. We are confident that our process in awarding these grades was robust and provides your child with a fair and accurate result.

 In addition, students will also receive their Final Calculated Grades from the exam boards. As a reminder of how these grades were awarded, please find a student guidance booklet attached to this email. There is also a 3-minute Video Guide for Students, which you may find useful when comparing the Centre Assessed Grades to the Final Calculated Grades. Finally, here is the link to the page, entitled “Your results, what next? Understanding your qualifications grades this summer”. All of this documentation was written and published prior to yesterday’s announcement but you may still wish to view some or all of them prior to Results Day.


Next Steps and enrolment to Sixth Form

Once students have received their results, they need to attend a Sixth Form interview with a key member of staff. This will be explained on the day. You will be able to discuss your grades, finalise your subject choices and talk about your future options. If you are unable to attend school on Thursday, Mr Alexander will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

We will publish information about the autumn exam series and about our post-results process as soon as we have received more information and confirmation from the Department for Education.

Finally, The National Careers Service has set an exam results helpline during August 2020Young people or their parents can contact the helpline on 0800 100 900 to speak to a professionally qualified careers adviser if they need advice on their next steps. The helpline will be open from 8am to 10pm from Thursday 13 August until Friday 28 August. After these dates, young people will be able to access ongoing support from the National Careers Service at any time by calling 0800 100 900, visiting or searching for the National Careers Service on Facebook and Twitter.

Further guidance and support will be available on results day. We hope that you have found this information and the attached documents useful. We look forward to seeing many of you again on the day and celebrating your results with you.

Kind regards

Mr Littlemore and Mrs McCavish

Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher Progress and Outcomes

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