Frequently Asked Questions

When does school start and finish?

We operate a two week timetable of five lessons a day, plus a 30 minute tutor period

  • 8.30 – 9.00: Tutor time/assembly
  • 9.05 – 10.05: Lesson One
  • 10.10 – 11.10: Lesson Two
  • 11.10 – 11.40: Break One
  • 11.40 – 12.40: Lesson Three
  • 12.45 – 1.45: Lesson Four
  • 1.45 – 2.15: Break Two
  • 2.15 – 3.15: Lesson Five

Some Year 11 and 12/13 lessons operate after school.

Five minutes is built in between lesson times to ensure students arrive to their next lesson on time.

How often are parents evenings?

We are happy to discuss your child’s progress at any time; however, scheduled parents evenings throughout the year in 2019- 20 are:

  • 23rd October: Year 7 “Meet the Tutor”
  • 14th November: Year 11 and Year 13
  • 7th January: Academic Review Day (All Years)
  • 4th March: Year 11 and Year 13
  • 12th March: Year 8 and Year 9
  • 23rd June: Year 10 and Year 12
  • 2nd July: Year 7

Parents Evenings take place from 4.00-7.00pm (with the exception of the Year 7 Meet the Tutor and Academic Review Day) in the Lower School Hall. Parents should use the Honey End Lane entrance.

When will I receive reports on my child's progress?

Progress reports are provided three times a year:

How will I be notified if the school is closed unexpectedly?

In the event of adverse weather conditions, every attempt will be made to keep the School open in order to minimise disruption to teaching and learning. If the school has to close for the whole day, we will endeavour to make this decision as early as possible in the morning. Occasionally, if weather conditions deteriorate significantly the decision may be made to close school early in the interests of ensuring that students and staff get home safely.

The decision about closure will be made by the Headteacher and Site Team, having assessed the risks associated with opening the school to ensure full duty of care to students and staff. It is unusual for the school to know the day before that the School will definitely be closed, but the decision about closure will be made as early as possible. When deciding whether to close the school the following are taken into consideration: –

  1. Which buses, if any, are running (this decision is made by the bus companies and not the school).
  2. If sufficient staff will be able to get to school to supervise students safely.
  3. The probability of conditions worsening so making journeys home very difficult, e.g. buses cancelled and/or treacherous road conditions.

If we do need to close the school, parents/carers will be informed through the following:

  • The school website –
  • A message via MyEd App
  • Text message by SIMS InTouch – please ensure your parental mobile number is up to date
  • The School’s Twitter account – @prospectschool
  • Local radio and local press:
    o Heart Radio 102.9 and 97.0 fm
    o BBC Radio Berkshire 95.4 and 104.1 fm

As a school, we understand the inconvenience and stress that an early closure can cause both parents and students, therefore the decision to close is not taken lightly. The number one priority is the safety of students and staff. If the School makes the decision to close early, parents will be informed in the same way as a full closure.

Students taking Public Examinations
Even if buses are not running and the school is closed we will make every effort to put on special arrangements for students taking public examinations. Students should make every effort to come into school unless advised otherwise; it may not be possible for us to arrange for them to be re-sat. These exams will take place in the Lower School Hall and students should arrive via Honey End Lane.

Vehicle Access to the School Site.
Cockney Hill entrance to the School will be closed if there is severe weather. Parents will need to drop students off and pick up from Honey End Lane entrance. Please do not attempt to travel up Cockney Hill if there is snow or icy conditions.

Work for Students
In the event of an unexpected school closure, staff will place work for students on

What is your policy on mobile phones?

It is our view that mobile phones are an important part of young people’s lives, and it is our role to teach young people to use them safely and appropriately.

Our school day is zoned, which indicates to students whether or not they are allowed their phones:

Red Zone: Phones must be out of sight and sound – during lessons and during lesson changeover.

Amber Zone: Phones may be used in Red Zones (eg in a lesson) if a teacher has explicitly given permission.

Green Zone: Phones may be used appropriately – before and after school and at break times.

Any student who does not adhere to our zones, or it found using their phone inappropriately will have their phone confiscated.


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