Posted: 27 March 2020

Mr Littlemore’s Letter to Students 27 March 2020

Dear Students

I hope you are all well and adjusting to your new way of working; I have been in school this morning and it is not the happy, vibrant (often too) loud place that it should be. It is missing all of you, who are the heart of what we do and the reason your teachers and support staff come in every day. 

It has been a time of huge adjustment for your teachers as well; just last week we were planning lessons as normal, to deliver in the classroom, and now we are having to get used to planning work that you have to do on your own. Many of your teachers have been in touch to say how much this makes them realise how seeing students in the classroom, the conversations we have with you, the look on your faces when you finally work out how to get the right answer…these are the best parts of our jobs, and we are missing doing that. We’ve spent a lot of this week looking at how we can improve contact with you, and after the Easter holiday, we will be starting to teach lessons live through MSTeams. This means that teachers have been learning new things as well, and it’s been an important reminder that we never, ever stop learning (no matter how old we are!)

This will have been a difficult time for your families as well – your parents may well be having to work much longer hours, or some of them may be worrying about whether they still have a job. This is going to be a difficult time for everyone, so please be kind to your families. And you can show this bit to your parents – we’re not expecting you to be working all day, every day on schoolwork, but to have a good balance. My own children are using the time to develop new skills – my son has set himself a target of being able to do 50 keepie-uppies by the end of the summer, and my daughter has been teaching herself how to make pasta. Make sure you do get plenty of exercise – I know lots of your teachers have been joining in with Joe Wicks every morning – this might not be your thing, but make sure you keep active too. And sometimes it is ok to need a little nap in the middle of the day!

I am exceptionally proud to be Headteacher of Prospect School. I am exceptionally proud of you as students, and exceptionally grateful for the support that I have had from your parents, and from your teachers, who have been working hard to keep our school community together. These are, as you may have heard important people say on the news, ‘unprecedented times’ and I’m really looking forward to when we are all back together as our school community. I really don’t know when that will be at the moment, but we are already preparing for when we come back – I know that it is still a few weeks away at least, and that we will be in a very different world by then. We will need to understand and make allowances for all the changes that you will have experienced. 

With my very best wishes to you all, and to your families,

Mr Littlemore

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