Posted: 15 May 2020

#PrideinProspect 15 May 2020

Welcome to our 4th edition of #PrideinProspect – at a record 50 pages this time; so much of which is filled with the fantastic work so many of our students have been doing whilst at home.

I wrote to you on Tuesday with an update on our plans for reopening the school to more of our students. Since then I have been meeting with the local authority, other headteachers, the leadership team and our union representatives to ensure that when the time comes, we will be able to extend our opening to more students as safely as possible. However, I want to reassure all parents, carers and students that we will only reopen to more students when it is safe to do so; as our plans develop I will keep you all informed.

Many thanks to those of you who completed our survey about our remote learning provision. I’m delighted that 94% of you thought that we were providing enough work (or even a little bit too much!) which is enabling you to make good progress whilst you are not in school. I have also taken on board your comments about how much you enjoy your live lessons and interaction with your teachers; we will try to increase the number of these lessons in the coming weeks. It is also our intention that all your work should be in one place, so we will look at ways to have all tasks set in Teams rather than ClassCharts. There were some very kind comments from both students and parents about our provision, which has reminded me how important feedback is; I know that students like to receive this from their teachers so we will endeavour to do this even more.

We have unfortunately had to cancel all our subject consultation evenings face to face with teachers this term but I am hoping that we will be able to run these virtually before the summer holidays. We are currently looking at the logistics of how this would best work and I will let you know as soon as we have planned so we are able to provide as much feedback as we can.

I do hope that the slight easing of the lockdown restrictions has helped you and your families – we still have a long way to go but I continue to be optimistic about when we can all be back together in our Prospect Community!

With very warm regards,

Mr D Littlemore

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