Posted: 3 April 2020

#prideinprospect Friday 3rd April

This should be my ‘wishing you all a happy Easter holiday’ message but this is certainly unlike any end of term we have ever known.

I’d like to express my enormous gratitude to you all for the last three weeks, from the point when we had to start our partial closure to our complete closure coming at the end of that week, and now two weeks at home. In normal circumstances, we all look forward to the end of term, but I am unsure whether this is actually a holiday or not! I know many of you have worked very hard to get our young people into a routine and understand that they need to organise themselves to work. Bearing this in mind, whilst I think that the holidays absolutely should be a time to recharge and rest, I would suggest that this is not the time to break your newly established routines. I have asked teachers to set holiday tasks, as this would be our normal expectation, so that students still have some work to keep them occupied, although I appreciate that the next two weeks will be a little different. Please do what you can.

When ‘term’ starts again after Easter on 20th April, we plan to deliver more of our lessons via MS Teams (instructions for this are on our website –, although we will continue to ensure that all work is uploaded to ClassCharts. A number of students have mentioned to their teachers how there is now a huge amount of work on ClassCharts and they can’t always find the work that has been set for them – a quick reminder that there is a filter at the top of the homework calendar so they can filter by Year/Subject/Teacher, which should make it easier to find their work. You will appreciate that this is still very new to all of us and we are very appreciative of the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have had from students – please continue to let us know how we can improve our remote learning.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Prospect School – we never expected to be working like this, and so many of them have commented to me that they are really missing the part that makes being a teacher the reason we do it – seeing all our students every day. I am so impressed with how they have stepped up to the challenge and I am certain that when we are able to return, we will be a stronger and better community for it.

Keeping in touch is really important at times like this, so I am delighted to share the first edition of #prideinprospect – our new-look newsletter sharing what we have been up to at home. You can access this here:

PrideinProspect 3 April 2020 v2

We have set up a new email account for students to send their content to be included (we would appreciate it if parents could moderate this first please!). We are really looking forward to hearing from you! The email address is

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