The Prospect Community Association wants to support the school and we need your help.

Our aim is to raise money for essential supplies and those little extras, as well as some big projects that we might not otherwise be able to afford. By donating to the Prospect Community Association you can help us afford projects that might otherwise be a step too far, projects that will help to improve the day to day life and education of our students.

We want to reach out into the community and help others. And we want to shout about all the good things that we do here.

Can you help us? We need parents and students to give up a little of their time, energy and enthusiasm to make things happen. Quiz nights and raffles with amazing prizes are just a couple of the events we have planned. However, we are very keen to hear your ideas about what you’d like to see. This is your community, so please support it.

What’s in it for you? Well, volunteering is a great way to make new friends, stay active, improve your well-being and do something rewarding. Being a Prospect Community Association member will also look great on your UCAS application or CV.

Prospect Community Association

Refurbish the Library

We hope to instill a love of reading and literature in all our students. We are extremely fortunate to have a well resourced and well used library, but we'd love to refurbish it into a comfy and welcoming space where students can come and read for pleasure (and boost their all important literacy skills as well!)

Refurbish the cafe

We firmly believe that social space and social time is just as important as the learning that goes on in classrooms. Our cafe and dining hall is a fabulous large space, but could really do with a transformation into a space that students want to use to meet their friends and eat their food in a welcoming and comfy space - well-being of both staff and students is a key priority.

Build a new sports pavilion

Our open space is fabulous - enough for three full sized football/rugby pitches in the winter and a 400m athletic track and 2 cricket squares in the summer. We're also fortunate with our huge 3G Astroturf. This is a really ambitious project to extend our sporting facilities to include an all weather pavilion which can become a proper space in the heart of our community.
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