Posted: 27 March 2020

Remote Learning Update

Remote Learning Update 27 March 2020

First of all, on behalf of all the staff at Prospect School, an enormous thanks for your continued support this week – we recognise that many of you are facing new and unexpected challenges in juggling work, childcare and now facilitating learning. On top of this, we know that many of you will be supporting sick or vulnerable relatives or friends, also perhaps coupled with a period of financial uncertainty. We are now coming to the end of our first week of remote learning – and we have also learnt a lot this week!

We are not trying to replicate school, but instead trying to provide our young people with some routine and structure in very uncertain times. We are especially mindful of the mental health and well-being of everyone – our students, their families, and our staff. We are endeavouring to provide a realistic balance between what we can expect of students, and what you can expect of our staff. It is very difficult to teach new content remotely, and we are well aware that our students will have very different levels of access to and expertise with technology. We have already loaned out a number of laptops and hope to be in a position to offer more next week. We have created a page on our website ( where you can find all our learning resources and timetables for each year group. We recognise that some students will want to stick to these exactly; others will find that they develop their own timetables; whatever works best for your child is to be encouraged and hope that if you are able, you will join in with their learning.

We will therefore offer remote learning in a variety of different ways, and we would suggest that your child makes use of aspects of all of these:

Class Charts: Teachers will continue to post tasks on ClassCharts that can be completed either electronically on editable word documents, or we can provide printed packs of work.

Microsoft Teams: After the ‘Easter Holiday’ (from 20th April) some lessons will be delivered live via MST. This will enable teachers to deliver live learning to large groups of students, typically via a powerpoint presentation with live audio, and will be able to interact with students via the chat function. These presentations will be saved so that students will be able to access them at any time. These will be delivered at the times on the POODLE timetable but will not happen for every timetabled slot. Your child will be invited via Teams to any sessions that is being run for their particular class(es). A guide of how to set up and access MSTeams is attached to this letter, and has been sent to your child. If you have any further questions about MSTeams, please email

Independent Learning: We have included links to the Greenshaw Learning Trust Tutor Reading Programme and provided a suggested list of reading books appropriate to each year group. Students are also able to access a wide range of learning resources through online learning platforms – links to these have also been provided on our POODLE webpage.

We are also mindful of the need for physical activity and are encouraging all students to join in #PEwithJoe each morning, or at least ensure that some physical activity is undertaken each day. My son has set himself the target of being able to do 50 keepy-uppys by the time he is back at school!

Please encourage your child to get in contact with their class teachers (all email addresses are on the subject pages on our website). We will endeavour to mark any work that is sent in and will continue to award points through ClassCharts.

This is something new for all of us and we are excited by the positive impact that it will have on our teaching and learning when we all finally come back. The resilience and fortitude shown by our young people and local community shows what a strong unit we are. Whilst I appreciate that you are likely to have many more urgent things to deal with at the moment, any feedback on our remote learning programme from either parents and students would be most welcome, as we continue to adapt to our new ways of working over the coming weeks.

At the moment, it is not our intention to set any additional work during what would have been the Easter Holiday; but I would encourage your child to continue accessing the learning resources and links on our website during this time.

Wishing you all well,


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