This the home page of South House.

South House is based in B and C block, with teachers from the Science and Computing Departments

As a PE teacher, I am naturally very competitive, and am determined that South will be victorious!!

Mr R Gerrard Head of North House

Who's who in South House?

Head of South House: Mr R Gerrard

Deputy Head of South House: Mr R Parry

House Captains:

Tutor Group Tutor Room Form Captain


Mrs Scott

Mr Akister



Mr Scrutton

Miss Bennett



Mrs Welch

Mr Parry



Mr Paudyal

Mr Walkem



Miss Humphries

Mrs Lund



Ms Mumford

Miss Demiri



For 2020-21, South's chosen charity is Daisy's Dream, a Berkshire based charity that supports children and young people who have suffered bereavement.
Daisy's Dream

Autumn Term House Awards

Head of House Student of the Term

  • Jasmine Abbott – Outstanding start to year 7, volunteering for student leadership and excellent progress.

Form Tutor Awards:

  • Jake Clarke – Contribution to student leadership.
  • Husna Ahmed – Contribution, tutor representative and very well organised.
  • Luana Tavares – Polite, friendly, excellent role model.
  • Jiro Ratilla – Great contribution to school community, including music and
    sport and a great role model.
  • Aniqa Afzal – Consistently following all expectations and quietly gets on with it.
  • Hayan Al Aatal – Very hard-working student.
  • Tymoteusz Rogalski – 189 house points and no behaviour points. 100% attendance. Always Ready, Responsible, shows Respect and forms great
    Relationships. Role model student.
  • Dexter Clarke – He has shown real focus and enthusiasm to his work and a
    fantastic attitude towards school life in general so far this term.
  • Qasim Ejaz – Respectful. Polite. Pleasure to teach.
  • CJ Emmett – Great contribution to tutor time.
  • Stanley Farmer – Lovely member of the tutor group. Excellent attendance,
    punctuality and always has equipment. Very helpful and good sense of humour!
  • Jamie Neale – A great start to Year 7 – keep it up!

Sports Challenges

Autumn Term 2019

Year 7

  • Boys Football: 2nd
  • Benchball: 2nd
  • Dodgeball: 2nd
  • Table Tennis: 4th

Year 8

  • Boys Football: 2nd
  • Bench Ball: 3rd
  • Dodgeball: 1st

Year 9

  • Boys Football: 1st
  • BasketBall: 3rd
  • Benchball: 1st
  • Table Tennis: 1st
  • MultiSports: 1st

Year 10

  • Rugby: 2nd
  • Boys Football: 2nd
  • Benchball: 1st
  • Girls Football: 2nd
  • Table Tennis: 1st

Year 11

  • Boys Football: 2nd
  • MultiSports: 1st
  • Benchball: 3rd

House Points

In addition to the House and Sports Challenges, you can earn House Points on a daily basis, as listed in the Rewards Ladder. House Points contribute towards your House Total. This will be added up on a weekly basis, and the House in the lead each Friday will have their flag flying at the front of school the following week.

At the end of the year in July, all the House Points will be totalled, and one House will be awarded the Prospect Challenge Cup and have the honour of being the reigning House Champions for the next academic year!

You will also be awarded extra House Points for good attendance – everyone with 100% at the end of each half term will be given bonus house points equivalent to the number of days in that half term.

There will also be individual awards to those students with the highest House Points:

  • Each month, the students with the highest house points accumulated that month will be invited to breakfast with Mr Littlemore – bacon rolls, Danish pastries, hot chocolate and tea!
  • Congratulations postcards and certificates sent home to mark your success
  • Contributions to your Prospect Savings Account (opened with Berkshire Credit Union)
  • The opportunity to earn lunch queue passes, GOOSE Days (Get Out Of School Early), access to the Sixth Form Common Room (Year 11 only), special awards badges and other spot prizes
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • End of Year Reward trips
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